Holy Trinity Anglican Church

On Amelia Island, Florida

Institution of a Rector

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The institution of The Rev Bradley S. Cunningham as Rector, The Rt Rev. Walter H. Grundorf, Presiding The Ninth Sunday after Trinity, 7/28/2013. This page contains two videos of the institution and presentation of the stole, one audio file containing Bishop Grundorf’s sermon, and one photo gallery of snapshots taken at the institution and reception. See below:
Institution video, 15 min 42 sec,

Presentation of the Stole video, 2 min, 25 sec:

Instituion Sermon, 20 min, 49 sec MP3 audio file, The Rt Rev Walter H. Grundorf, Ezekiel 33:1-10, Ref REC BCP pages 575-580 or 1928 BCP pages 569-574.

Photo Gallery From Institution and Reception
Institution Photo Gallery