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The Screwtape Letters - 2018 Lenten Book Club

demon.gif Notes: The book The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis, can be purchased at Amazon and many other sellers. It is available for the Kindle. At least two versions are avaialble for listening on Youtube. Here is a link to Focus on the Family's fanciful dramatic reading: Link to a dramatic Reading of The Screwtape Letters

The audio files below are placed in reverse chronoligical order, with the newests ones always at the top.

For the audio player -- click play button to listen or you may save the file to your device. (To save the file you may need to click in the player with right mouse button.)

  • Friday, 03/16/2018, Letter 20 (Next meeting, TBD after Easter, Letters 21-26 w/emphasis on 26)
  • Discussion Questions for Letter 20
    • Discussion Audio:

  • Friday, 03/09/2018, Letter 14 (Next week, Letters 15-20 w/emphasis on 20)
  • Discussion Questions for Letter 14
    • Discussion Audio:

  • Friday, 03/02/2018, Letter 10 (Next week, Letters 11-14 w/emphasis on 14)
  • Discussion Questions for Letter 10
    • Discussion Audio:

  • Friday, 02/23/2018, Letter 6 (Next week, Letters 7-10 w/emphasis on 10)
  • Discussion Questions for Letter 6
    • Discussion Audio:

  • Friday, 02/16/2018, Letters 4-5 (Next week, Letters 6-7)
    • Discussion Audio:

  • Friday, 02/09/2018, The Preface and Letters 2-3 (next week, Chapters 4-5)
    • Discussion Audio:

  • Friday, 02/02/2018, The Preface and Letter 1 (next week, Chapters 2-3)
    • Discussion Audio: