Holy Trinity Anglican Church

On Amelia Island, Florida

Sunday Bible College – Goals

Overview: For this first year, our Goal is to ensure that every student ends the year with a solid knowledge of the basic stories main characters, and general timeline of the Bible. This basic knowledge will be the foundation of all that follows. In years to come, we will build on this foundation with more in depth theological and practical teaching, but the rest of the building can not be built until the foundation is laid. It is your task to lay this foundation.

Age Specifics

  • Young children should learn the very basic story and the main characters of salvation history
  • Older children should also learn basic themes tying these Scripture stories together
  • Youth should also learn the moral aspects of the stories, as practical application to modern life


  • We will also provide a memorization list, including one verse per month for all children to memorize (two per month for youth and adults). These verses provide a hook on which we will hang the lessons of the year. For example: Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Provides a hook for the first four lessons and also provides the foundation for future lessons on the Nicene Creed and the essential beliefs of Christianity.
  • Note on Memorization: The following Bible Translations are preferred for scripture memorization, listed in order of preference: Revised Standard Version, English Standard Version, Revised Standard Version-Second Catholic Edition, New King James Version.